The focus of YLSS is not the one year you are in the program, rather it is what you do in the years that follow. As future leaders and community members it is our responsibility to use what we have learned to make a difference.

- Mary Catherine Thompson, YLSS 2011-12

We have got to involve ourselves in the best of what our great city has to offer. We learned about every aspect of our community but the most valuable thing that I personally learned, is that every person can make a difference. From the judges, police and fire, to our librarians, government leaders all play a vital role that keeps this dynamic city moving. What they all have in common is knowledge. Through the past year, every one of us gained an inordinate amount of knowledge, because if you want to be an effective community leader, you need knowledge. That is the one detail I never associated with a leader. Sure, a leader needs to be confident, has to have good speaking skills, but knowledge, that is the most important of all. And because of that, Youth Leadership Sandy Springs gave each and every one of us the tools we need to become leaders and productive citizens.

- Brett Feldman, YLSS 2013-14

Because of YLSS, I have the knowledge and courage to actively work towards positive change in my school and my community.

- Dori Balser, YLSS 2015-16

YLSS opened so many doors. It not only inspired me but taught me I could be a leader, giving me confidence that I could be successful in areas I hadn’t considered before.

– Rachel Carlson, UGA

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