At Leadership Sandy Springs, we develop leaders who will shape a vibrant Sandy Springs and central Perimeter area. We are passionate about our city and surrounding region. We seek innovative individuals who will:

  • Emerge as community leaders
  • Become more valuable employees
  • Develop champions for our business and residential communities.


During our nine-month program, we educate hard-working members to hone their leadership skills and contribute their talents to our diverse community. Throughout our 30 years of leadership training we:

  • Educate leaders and share expertise on important issues
  • Provide impactful alumni programs
  • Introduce thought leaders and game changers who influence our city and state


Working with businesses and civic and government organizations, we connect individuals who will drive change and build community. We bring people together to:

  • Enhance civic engagement skills
  • Inspire community service through events
  • Provide a springboard to further community involvement
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