In 1987, the Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable (SSCRT) was formed and in 2013, its board approached Leadership Sandy Springs’ Board of Trustees requesting inclusion of SSCRT under LSS’ domain since their core missions were so closely aligned. The LSS Board agreed to establish SSCRT as one of its core programs and the SSCRT Board voted to dissolve the Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable Corporation. LSS continues to support the SSCRT mission and vision.

Jointly, LSS and SSCRT seek to identify common goals on behalf of the community to enhance the quality of life in Sandy Springs. The organizations seek to promote civic leadership and collaboration on important community issues with an emphasis on coordinated activities, events and communications.

Specifically, SSCRT’s vision is to provide an opportunity for non-profit leaders in Sandy Springs to come together to help build community and strengthen our non-profit sector to meet the needs of Sandy Springs citizens. Additionally, SSCRT strives to:

  • Share objectives, activities and events of the individual member organizations and promote collaboration of all Sandy Springs nonprofits
  • Communicate and encourage development of new opportunities and strategies
  • Provide information and help develop leaders in our non-profit sector
  • Pursue major grant opportunities for relevant services and/or resources from outside our community

- Download the SSCRT Roundtable Roster.docx

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