To help new YLSS members, these alumni have offered to be a resource for college information and questions. They are listed by college, the high school they attended and YLSS class year. Send them a message on Facebook if you want to connect.

Appalachian State University
George Gavalas, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2013-2014

Auburn University
David Stromquist, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2012-2013

Olivia Rounsaville, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2011-2012

Palmer Jones, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Belmont University
Amelia Holley, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Berry College
Suleima Millan, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Boston University
Mae Davis, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Brown University
James Hunter Archer, Galloway, YLSS 2011-2012

Chattahoochee Technical College
Michele Avilez, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Clemson University
Bill Lampe, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2012-2013

College of Charleston
Lexi Lobel, Woodward, YLSS 2012-2013

Dartmouth University
Bilal Gutu, North Springs, YLSS 2013-2014

Jacob Greenberg, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Davidson College
Mary Catherine Thomson, Holy Innocents', YLSS 2011-2012

Duke University
David Zarge, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

Emory University
Ben Goldfein, Weber, YLSS 2011-2012

Derek Liu, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2014-2015

Rebecca Neish, North Springs, YLSS 2014-2015

George Washington University
Alexandria Cannon, Holy Innocents', YLSS 2014-2015

Rachel Kaufman, North Springs, YLSS 2013-2014

Georgia College and State University
Hannah Arney, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Lena Liebrecht-Jones, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2012-2013

Sarah Edwards, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

Georgia State University
DeUndre Eberhart, North Springs, YLSS 2012-2013

Leila Sadri, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Georgia Tech University
Asher Berman, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2012

Chandler Grove, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2014-2015

Drew Vincent, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2013-2014

Maya Berinhout, North Springs, YLSS 2012-2012

Nicholas Seidler, Atlanta international School, YLSS 2011-2012

Nicole Nichols, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Ryan Durham, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2014-2015

Sarah Hamer, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Meredith Jones, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2013-2014

Gabby Sutton, Riverwood, YLSS 2014-2015

Indiana University Bloomington
"Bob" Luo, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2012-2013

Kennesaw State University
Dionna Green, North Springs, YLSS 2013-2014    
Regan Durkin (graduated UGA; now working at Kennesaw), Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Lipscomb University
Christian Burke, Mount Vernon, YLSS 2012-2013

Loyola University New Orleans
Lizzy Baker, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2011-2012

Mercer University
Anna Xayraveng, Riverwood, YLSS 2014-2015

New York University
Halle Ewing, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Jake Steel, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Amanda Rosner, Galloway, YLSS 2013-2014

Justin Fleischman, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

Texas Christian University
Annie Beeson, Marist, YLSS 2012-2013

Christian Wendlandt, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Tulane University
Annie Asher, North Springs, YLSS 2012-2013

Meredith Galanti, Weber, YLSS 2013-2014

US Naval Academy
Kyle Winkler, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2013-2014

University of Alabama
Ciara Doyle, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2013-2014
Drew Vickery, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2014-2015

University of California-Berkeley
Madeleine Sibert, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

University of Colorado Boulder
Charlotte Spaeth, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

University of Georgia
Adam Segal, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Alec Nathan, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Andrew Tyner, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

Bailee Yoels, Weber, YLSS 2014-2015

Brett Feldman, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Caroline Suarez, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2011-2012

Erin Ernst, Holy Innocents', YLSS 2012-2013

Evan Rosenthal, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

Glenna Williams, Riverwood, YLSS 2014-2015

Hanna Wendlandt, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Jack Zucker, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Jake Weiser, Weber, YLSS 2012-2013

Jan Berland, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Joseph Seta, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2011-2012

Juliana Abel, North Springs, YLSS 2013-2014

Kate Northrop, Marist, YLSS 2011-2012

Kennan Luther, Holy Innocents', YLSS 2012-2013

Margaret Beckley, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Megan Cohen, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Naomi Levison, North Springs, YLSS 2012-2013
*took a gap year

Noah Newman, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Rachel Carlson, Riverwood, YLSS 2012-2013

Regan Durkin, Riverwood, YLSS 2011-2012

Sydney Perloe, Weber, YLSS 2011-2012

Walker King, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2014-2015

University of Maryland
Jordan Gold, Weber, YLSS 2014-2015

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Kevin Feldman, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Steven Burgess, North Springs, YLSS 2012-2013

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Emily Kelly, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

University of Pennsylvania
Abigail Szabo, North Springs, YLSS 2014-2015

University of South Carolina
Allen Devlin, North Springs, YLSS 2011-2012

University of Southern California
Shaina Goldfein, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

University of Tampa
Emily Smith, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

University of Virginia
Madeline Fleischmann, North Springs, YLSS 2014-2015

Vanderbilt University
Kyle Weil, Riverwood, YLSS 2014-2015

Vassar College
Chandler Arney, Riverwood, YLSS 2013-2014

Washington and Lee
Andrew Agrippina, Holy Spirit, YLSS 2012-2013

Washington University in St. Louis
Olivia Sachs, North Springs, YLSS 2012-2013

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