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Leadership Sandy Springs (LSS) is a dynamic team of professionals and influential leaders who significantly impact our community while gaining a sense of personal and civic fulfillment. 

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“Before I completed the program – before I was invited to participate – I had discovered it on my own and researched it. (This is how I knew without question that I wanted to participate, even if paying my own tuition.)  From my own research, Leadership seemed to me a very exclusive club, in which it would be an honor to participate. The only part of this that changed for me as I went through the program, was that I realized how “inclusive” the program actually is. By design, and without apology, the program’s leaders seek out participants of different races, backgrounds, professions, and vocations. I think the word that is missing from #8, and that should be communicated to potential participants, is “inclusive”.”

- Heather Kaufman, Class 2014


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